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Elektrik Enerjisi Avadanlıqları və Texnologiyaları üzrə 17-ci Çin Beynəlxalq Sərgisi


15-17 oktyabr 2018-ci il tarixlərində SUNP- Electric Pekin Beynəlxalq Sərgi Mərkəzində keçirilən Çinin enerji sənayesində ən böyük və ən nüfuzlu sərgidə - 17-ci Çin Beynəlxalq Enerji Avadanlıqları və Texnologiyaları sərgisində iştirak etmək üçün dəvət edildi.


As an important basic industry of the national economy, the electric power industry is carrying out a brilliant road of reform and development. SUNP-Electric has the honor to witness the many historic leaps achieved by the power industry. The exhibition centered on a number of forward-looking topics such as power conservation, environmental protection, and power security. It displayed a variety of new equipment and cutting-edge technologies on a large scale as an important indicator of the power industry.

At the same time, at the exhibition, SUNP-Electric carried the self-developed SF6 gas density measuring instruments and instruments at booth 1K13. The first-class technology, rigorous management system, system and perfect power solution made SUNP shine at the exhibition, which attracted the audience to stop.

In the future, the hard-working people who are down-to-earth are unswerving innovators. Under the new technology, new business mode and new mode, SUNP-Electric will further consolidate technology and product quality for customers and bring better product experience to customers. Shangyu Electric will adhere to the business philosophy of innovation-driven development, strengthen its mission, continuously strengthen its independent innovation capability, promote the transformation of high-tech achievements, promote the internationalization of national brands, and promote Chinese manufacturing to the world.

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